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Clean and Care Napkin Incinerator

Clean and Care

Napkin Incinerator


Yes, periods are inconvenient for a lot of women. But what is more inconvenient is disposing used sanitary napkins.

Women, both rural and urban, face this question every month while government authorities struggle to find a way to handle the staggering amount of sanitary waste generated every month.While some women wrap it in plastic or paper and throw it along with domestic garbage, some flush them down or throw them into water bodies. The scientific and proven hygienic way to dispose napkins is burning. A&T Industries is coming up with a one stop solution with its cost effective, compact user friendly and eco friendly incinerator.

Advantages of Napkin Incinerators

  • Complete disposal of used napkin by burning.
  • Self-disposal by user by directly putting into the incinerator.
  • Gets rid of the embarrassment of finding out ways to dispose used napkins.
  • Eco-friendly disposal
  • Less than 1 gm of ash per cycle
  • Conveyor fill stopper system